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Triveni Oil And Food Products

Our Story

The founder of the company Shubhangi Vasantrao Choudhar, had Type-2 diabetes and had to undergo Bariatric surgery. Doctors had given up and told her that she had only four months and the family was told to plan accordingly. At the same time her husband and some close family members were also suffering from heart diseases and other life-threatening conditions, while her father-in-law was suffering from paralysis.

In such a scenario all the doctors had one common recommendation and that was to stop consumption of oil with chemicals. The Choudhar family then started using market available cold pressed oils in daily food. But they soon realized that the products were not pure enough and had further jeopardized their health conditions. During this phase Shubhangi Choudhar had to undergo another bariatric surgery for the second time. Post-surgery, realizing the gravity her life was in she undertook a Govt of India designed course run by Khadi Gram Udyog for processing of wood churned oil. She was trained through the total process – right from choosing the raw material to hygienic operation in plant, to storage and packaging of the final product.

The idea to set this company was thus formed – betterment of the people who were suffering from heart and obesity related diseases was the core thought. To give people pure wooden churned oils for daily consumption, so that they do not have to go through the same trials and tribulations that they had gone through was the need of the hour and is being ably fulfilled by Triveni Oil and Food Products.


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